Executive Director

Ben Malbrough, P.E.

MalbroughBen Malbrough is a Professional Engineer who has a deep rooted passion for preserving Coastal Louisiana.  Born and raised on Bayou Little Caillou, he saw firsthand the devastating progression of coastal land loss that he had grown up hearing about from his ancestors.

After graduating from Vandebilt Catholic in 1999, he headed north to LSU.   After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in 2004 and his master’s degree in 2009 in Civil Engineering, he began his professional career at The Shaw Group in Baton Rouge.  He was employed with The Shaw Group for over 8 years where he was fortunate enough to be involved in some major coastal restoration and coastal protection efforts across the state such as CPRA’s Statewide Comprehensive Master Plan, Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System, and the Coastal Impact and Assistance Program, to name a few.  His last 2 years with The Shaw Group, he managed the Business Development efforts for a newly formed Oil & Gas Construction Group in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas, until he got the got the opportunity to come back home.

In February of 2013, he took over as Executive Director of The Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District.  He is excited to be back home, but more so he is excited to have the opportunity to help turn Bayou Lafourche back into a resilient natural resource for both drinking water supply and as a conveyance channel for the invaluable fresh water and nutrient supply that the wetlands of lower Lafourche and Terrebonne have been starved of for many years.

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