The Mississippi River Reintroduction into Bayou Lafourche (MRRBL) Project has an overall goal to divert 1,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) of fresh water from the Mississippi River into Bayou Lafourche.  Though initial studies of the project began in the early ‘90s, the project has progressed substantially since the recommended alternative was identified in the document entitled “Final Phase 2 Design Report, Mississippi River Water Reintroduction Into Bayou Lafourche” dated March 2006 by CH2MHill (Final Phase 2 Design Report).  This report concluded that the most cost-effective approach to achieve the project’s overall goal included the following project features:  new pump station in Donaldsonville, dredging the bayou from Donaldsonville to Thibodaux, replacement of Union Pacific Railroad Bridge, bridge modifications, utility relocations, new water control structures, and the removal of the weir in Thibodaux.


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