Current Work

Project Name:         Phase 2 – Mississippi River Reintroduction to Bayou Lafourche
Funding Sources:  Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority (CPRA) through the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP)
Cost:                            $16 million
Brief Description: The Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District (BLFWD), in partnership with Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), is taking the lead in implementing the Mississippi River Reintroduction to Bayou Lafourche (MRRBL) Project. The Bayou is a critical resource for our region since it serves as our drinking water supply and it replenishes our coastal marshes with much needed fresh water. Bayou Lafourche also serves as the only water source for offshore oil and gas activity in the Gulf of Mexico, which is critical to our region and our nation.        READ MORE


Project Name:         Donaldsonville Drainage Project
Partners:                   BLFWD, State of Louisiana, City of Donaldsonville, and Ascension Parish
Cost:                            $1.5 million
Brief Description: This project will help alleviate Bayou Lafourche from back-flooding into the existing drainage system of the City of Donaldsonville.  The project, which is funded with Capital Outlay funds, proposes to build at a minimum of two (2) pump stations within Bayou Lafourche that would isolate the city’s main drainage discharge locations into Bayou Lafourche.  By isolating these culverts, the increase in water elevation within Bayou Lafourche due to storm events would have less of an impact on the existing drainage system within the City of Donaldsonville.


Project Name:         Union Pacific Bridge Design
Partners:                   BLFWD, Union Pacific, and CPRA
Cost:                            $250,000
Brief Description: This project will provide BLFWD and Union Pacific with a Preliminary Design and Construction Cost Estimate for a newly constructed open span bridge across Bayou Lafourche at the location of the Union Pacific crossing in Donaldsonville.

This is the first step in a project that is aimed at removing the existing flow restriction that the Union Pacific embankment causes.  Currently, the embankment allows water to flow through it by way of 3 culverts (two 9’ diameter culverts and one 5’ x 6’ box culvert).  These culverts do not provide the capacity needed for BLFWD to operate its pump station at its current capacity, and furthermore, they prevent BLFWD from progressing on its plan to increase the pumping capacity from the Mississippi River from 500 cfs (currently) to over 1,000 cfs (proposed).  (See image below.)

Preliminary analysis is underway, and a Preliminary Design Report is expected to be complete in 6-8 months.



Project Name:        Saltwater Control Structure
Partners:                  BLFWD, Department of Interior, CPRA, and Lafourche Parish
Cost:                           $4 million
Brief Description: This project will construct a new Saltwater Control Structure within Bayou Lafourche just north of the intersection of Bayou Lafourche and Company Canal in Lockport, LA.  In an effort to reduce cost, the barge gate from the existing Company Canal Saltwater Control Structure will be relocated and utilized in the new structure location.  This project will greatly enhance the ability to further protect drinking water source of over 3000,000 people from the ever increasing threat of saltwater intrusion.

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2015 and be completed before the end of 2016.