The District

Region Map BLFWDThe Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District was established by the Louisiana Legislature in 1950 to provide fresh water to water purification facilities along Bayou Lafourche.

The District includes the parishes of Ascension, Assumption, Lafourche, and Terrebonne, and BLFWD currently provides over 300,000 residents in these four parishes with fresh water for homes, businesses, agriculture, and offshore energy production.

Bayou Lafourche is also one of the main arteries of fresh water enriching 120,000 acres of coastal marsh in lower Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. The BLFWD works to maintain and strengthen this environmental role of Bayou Lafourche, in addition to enhancing the bayou’s capacity for providing clean, fresh drinking water and safe recreation opportunities for local residents.

BLFWD  is governed by a 12-member Board of Commissioners representing each of the four parishes in the District, which conducts monthly meetings at the BLFWD offices in Thibodaux, Louisiana.